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D10.GREEN PEAS COOKIES Chinese New Year Cookies

Nature's Bounty:
Crafted with wholesome green peas, harnessing the goodness of natural ingredients.
A cookie that bridges the gap between wholesome and indulgent.

Vibrant Green Hue:
Eye-catching cookies with a vibrant green color, signaling the freshness within.
Appeals to the senses with its visual allure.

Nutrient-Rich Goodness:
Packed with nutrients from green peas, offering a guilt-free snacking option.
Balances flavor and health, creating a unique and wholesome treat.

Crunchy and Satisfying:
Delivers a satisfying crunch with every bite, adding a delightful texture to the experience.
A perfect balance of crispiness and tenderness.

Vegetarian Delight:
Ideal for vegetarians and those seeking plant-based snack alternatives.
Provides a savory and fulfilling option without compromising on taste.

Versatile Snacking:
Suitable for various occasions, from casual snacking to social gatherings.
A versatile treat that caters to different taste preferences.

No Artificial Additives:
Proudly free from artificial additives, ensuring a pure and authentic snacking experience.
An expression of commitment to wholesome, natural ingredients.

Innovative Twist on Tradition:
Offers a unique twist on traditional cookies, appealing to adventurous palates.
A delicious departure from the ordinary, creating memorable snacking moments.
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