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D1.PEANUT PUFF Chinese New Year Cookies

Craftsmanship Heritage:
A tribute to time-honored baking traditions.
Meticulously crafted with precision and care.

Premium Ingredients:
Utilizing the finest peanuts for a rich, authentic peanut butter filling.
Ensures a genuine and nutty flavor profile.

Perfect Pastry Layers:
Delicate, golden-brown puff pastry.
Achieves an ideal balance of flakiness and tenderness for a satisfying crunch.

Nostalgic Authenticity:
Batch-to-batch dedication to preserving traditional baking methods.
Evokes a sense of nostalgia with each delectable bite.

Mouthwatering Texture:
Symphony of textures from delicate pastry layers to a luscious peanut center.
Delivers a truly indulgent and satisfying eating experience.
Versatile Enjoyment:
Perfect for any occasion – pair with tea, share with loved ones, or indulge in a personal treat.

Culinary Heritage Celebration:
Goes beyond being a treat; it's a celebration of culinary heritage.
Brings forth the authentic and timeless flavors of classic baking.

Simple Joys, Authentic Taste:
Rediscover the simple joys in life with each genuine bite.
Infused with the magic of authentic craftsmanship and a passion for flavor.
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