(SET B YOLK), 4 pcs Yolk Mc 170g ( Lo, Re, Du, Pa)

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(SET B YOLK), 4 pcs Yolk Mc 170g ( Lo, Re, Du, Pa) MOONCAKE

These Four Moon Cakes: Mungbeans Lotus Yolk, Red Beans Yolk, Pandan Yolk, Durian Yolk
Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our curated collection of moon cakes, each crafted with care and precision to offer a unique and luxurious taste experience. Our selection features four distinct varieties: Mungbeans Lotus Yolk, Red Beans Yolk, Pandan Yolk, and Durian Yolk, all Halal certified and made with the finest ingredients.
Key Features:
Premium Quality Ingredients: Made with carefully selected, high-quality mungbeans, red beans, pandan, and durian.
Halal Certified: Adhering to strict halal standards, ensuring inclusivity for diverse dietary preferences.
Authentic Flavors: Each moon cake features a unique, traditional filling paired with a rich, creamy yolk center.
Handcrafted Excellence: Artisanal preparation methods ensure the perfect balance of texture and taste.
Natural Coloring and Flavoring: Free from artificial additives, ensuring a pure and wholesome indulgence.
Individual Moon Cake Descriptions:
Mungbeans Lotus Yolk:
Flavor Profile: Smooth and mildly sweet mungbean paste with a delicate lotus yolk center.
Perfect For: Those who appreciate subtle, refined flavors.
Red Beans Yolk:
Flavor Profile: Rich and hearty red bean paste complemented by a creamy yolk.
Perfect For: Lovers of classic, robust tastes.
Pandan Yolk:
Flavor Profile: Fragrant pandan-infused paste with a luscious yolk, offering a taste of Southeast Asian tradition.
Perfect For: Fans of exotic, aromatic flavors.
Durian Yolk:
Flavor Profile: Bold and creamy durian paste paired with a smooth yolk, delivering a truly unique and memorable experience.
Perfect For: Adventurous eaters and durian aficionados.
Health-Conscious: Made with natural ingredients, free from artificial flavors and preservatives.
Gourmet Experience: Elevate your festive celebrations with these luxurious moon cakes.
Convenient Packaging: Beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting and sharing.
Diet-Friendly: Suitable for halal diets, ensuring everyone can enjoy.
Ideal For:
Festive Celebrations: Perfect for Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, and other special occasions.
Gourmet Gifts: An elegant and thoughtful gift for friends, family, and colleagues.
Cultural Appreciation: Ideal for those who enjoy exploring traditional and cultural delicacies.
Personal Indulgence: Treat yourself to a premium snack that delights the senses.
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