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Topnut (With Peanut,Caramel,Nougat)1kg

Tango (Sweet With Peanut,Caramel,Nougat)1kg

Tamoo Chocolate (Peanut ,Caramel,Nougat)1kg

Swoy (Milk Caramel&Peanut)1kg

Sweet Milk (Creamy Toffee With Feeling)1kg

Sweet (Caramel,&Peanut)1kg

Solaris (Sweet With Tiramisu Flavour Chocolate )1kg

Sarita (With Peanut Chocolate Flavour)1kg

Sarita (With Orange Flavour Chocolate)1kg

Sarita (With Currant Flour Chocolate)1kg

Rocky (Sweet With Chocolate Nougat&Caramel)Double Twist 1kg

Ridli (Sweet And Milk Caramel)1kg

Reina (Hazelnut) 1kg

Reina (Coconut) 1kg

Pronto (Cappuccino And Coffee Flavoured Fondant Sweet ) Twist Wrap 1kg

Migamu (Sweet With Milk Taste)1kg

Maredo Karoshka (Pralin Candy With Confec Glaze,Waffer Crumbs,Peanut)1kg

Khoncha(Sweet With Blend of Dried Fruits&Cereals)1kg

Demia (Sweet With Strawberry Chocolate)1kg

Demia (Sweet With Orange Chocolate)1kg

Demia (Sweet With Hazenut Chocolate)1kg

Coco Ulduz(Sweet With Coconut Pieces)1kg

Choco Night (Sweet With Caramel And Chocolate Nougat)1kg

Choco (Sweet With Peanut,Rice Crispies)1kg

1 - 24 of 25

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